Working today for a better tomorrow

Midland Food Group takes a long-term view in our approach to sustainability. Our aim is to satisfy and service the needs of our customers today without compromising the world’s resources of the future.

As a business we promise we will:

  • Reduce our environmental impact
  • Source sustainable foods
  • Use local suppliers and manufacturers
  • Provide accurate information on food labelling
  • Support our customers and local communities

Some of the things we do now to help us achieve our goal:

  • Cardboard, plastics and metals are all separated and recycled
  • All Food waste from our manufacturing plants is recycled through anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion captures the gases released in the natural composting process, thereby drastically reducing the carbon footprint of waste disposal; it also creates a nitrogen rich fertiliser and generates energy. On average we generate 12,600KW of energy each year, helping to power households across the UK
  • We are committed to an established recycling program and reducing our landfill waste
  • We have replaced all of our freezers with ultra low energy models

ReuseAnd in the future, as we grow and expand our business, we will:

  • Increase our use of recycled and harvest rain water to wash our trucks
  • Reduce further our omissions and green house gases
  • Develop heat recovery systems from our refrigerators and freezers
  • Continue to support our customers further with recycling and the reduction of packaging
  • Using recycled and reclaimed flooring and movement sensor lighting in any new build premises