Unconventional Burger Named Number 1

Unconventional Burger Named Number 1

It’s well documented that the plant based market is a hot topic right now. The rise in people choosing to follow a vegan diet, together with the move to flexitarian eating, provides a terrific opportunity for retailers and foodservice operators to meet the growing market demand.

We’re delighted to announce that the Midland Chilled Foods Unconventional Burger has been named Number 1 in Europe’s Best Vegan Burgers by the acclaimed website abillion.com

But, how do you choose the best vegan/plant based burger? The award was voted for by the abillion.com community from 62 countries who contributed 12,000 reviews of plant based burgers to determine the World’s Best Burgers for 2021. 

We’re doubly impressed by the fact that not only was the Unconventional Burger named number 1 in Europe but that it also came 2nd in the World’s 10 best burger class! 

The Unconventional Burger has a clean deck of just 14 ingredients, it’s suitable for vegans and contains 17g of protein. It’s a juicy and tasty eat, and we know your customers will keep coming back for more once they get to taste it. It’s meat free and moreish! 

If you’re not familiar with www.abillion.com, this is their mission statement:

A community for sustainability.

“Join people changing the World, one vegan dish or product at a time. Every review helps people around the World live more sustainably, influences businesses, and supports impactful causes.


With nearly a million  member-submitted reviews, abillion is making it easier for people around the World to live more sustainably.”

We’re incredibly proud that the Unconventional Burger was voted number 1 by the abillion.com community.

Here are a few of the quotes we received about our award winning plant based burger.

“Crazy! I tried other vegetable burgers but they never satisfied me these instead are delicious, it really seems to eat meat. Highly recommended”

“Among all the vegan burgers on the market these I think are the best, super digestible and with an excellent taste.”

“You could fool any non vegan with this burger!”

To find out more about stocking the Unconventional Burger, please get in touch. It’s available in chilled and frozen options and is guaranteed to be a winner in your range! 

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