A delicious NEW Italian range

Artisan Italian Cheese

Introducing our NEW incredible Italian regional cheese selection

Granarolo is proud to launch this range of artisan Italian cheeses, made using 100% Italian milk from the Granarolo co-operative of dairy farmers.

Each cheese has its own provenance from either Tuscany or Sardinia, producing a truly authentic, great tasting cheese that is worthy of the finest cheese counters.

These are the four products:

Granarolo Fior Di Capra
Granarolo Pecorino Toscano DOP
Granarolo Il Saggio
Granarolo Misto Classico

To find out how this range of Granarolo cheese could work for your business, get in touch with the team.

To celebrate the recent launch of our incredible Italian artisan cheese range, we’re sharing an extra special deal with you.

Enjoy 50% off the new range of cheese, which includes:

Granarolo Pecorino Toscano
Produced in Tuscany, Pecorino Toscano presents a fragrant and pronounced flavour. Its tenderness to cutting makes it ideal for seasonal vegetables, fruit, jams and honey, but it can be also used for grating or in sandwiches.

Granarolo Fior Di Capra
Fior di Capra has a white, compact and smooth texture, without presence of eyes.
Il has a decisive and slightly piquant hint of grass flavour due to its aging, which can be up to 90 days.

Granarolo Misto Classico
Classico Stagionato is made in Sardinia with goat milk. Its ageing conveys a deep and aromatic flavour without being too intense. It’s great as a table cheese or grated on pasta.

Granarolo II Saggio
Made from goat milk, this elegant black crusted cheese is aged for 8 months. Its taste is savoury, earthy and full-bodied, its texture is semi-hard and smooth, making it a great pair for rounded red wines.

The range is packed in 7 x 150g packs and is made in Italy using Italian milk.

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