Midland Chilled Foods

Proud to be part of the Granarolo Group

Did you know that our sister company Granarolo was established over 60 years ago by a cooperative of farmers in Italy? It has grown to be known as one of the leading dairy companies across Europe.

By working closely with the Granarolo Group we import a range of cheese direct from the continent for our customers. The often complex supply chain into the UK, particularly post-Brexit, is something that we manage every day.

As a leading supplier of continental cheeses, we have a flexible range for your business. From wonderful Italian mozzarellas, mascarpone, ricotta and burrata, to a wide range of Italian hard cheeses to meet every price point.

Furthermore, our factory in France has the ability to manufacture sliced, grated, cubed and shaped cheeses to meet individual customer requirements. This range is perfect for the manufacturing industry, delivering a consistent, quality product to meet manufacturing demands.

Being part of the Granarolo group means we have access to an incredible selection of dairy products. It also means we manage the complex cheese supply chain, so you don’t have to!  Get in touch to find out more.