Maximise the growing meat free market

Plant Based

With the continued demand for plant based food, we’ve created a vegan range of food fit for any menu!

Gone are the days when meat free meant dull and boring! With the movement towards meat reduction, flexitarianism and veganism it’s essential that every food operator has a range to satisfy their customers, whatever their eating preferences. This market continues to grow beyond the well publicised “Veganuary” and is an opportunity for operators to gain market share In this fast growth demographic, 365 days a year.

The Unconventional Burger was voted the Number 1 Plant Based Burger in Europe by over 12,000 independent customers. You can read more about the award here. In addition to the Unconventional Burger, which comes in retail packs and wholesale boxes, we also have a selection of plant based pies made under our Baker’s Range brand. Each pie features the same deliciously deep fill as our standard pies and is encased in our time trusted recipe to make sure they’re made with proper pastry!

To find out more about the Midland Chilled Foods plant based range, take a look at the plant based section in our brochure.