Share a slice of the Veganuary 2021 pie

Share a slice of the Veganuary 2021 pie

Even following a “challenging” year, it’s fair to say that everyone is heading into 2021 with the hope for a better year ahead.

January is the month of optimism and increasingly this includes consumers looking to either try a vegan diet ,or making a conscious decision to eat less red meat.

However, this doesn’t mean they necessarily want to eat salad! The key is to switch to meat free options that still deliver flavour, comfort and a little bite of January joy!

And, it’s a terrific opportunity for operators to maximise the estimated £658m vegan market in 2021. With one in three consumers stopping, or reducing their meat consumption, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

We’ve selected a range of our favourite vegan products, all made by Midland Foods. Choose from sweet and savoury pastries, and our plant based Unconventional Burger.

Get in touch to find out how Midland Foods can help you maximise the vegan revolution this January.

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