Manufacturing up to 8000 pork pies an hour!

Manufacturing up to 8000 pork pies an hour!

As the colder weather hits, our enquiries for Pork Pies are increasing. There’s something comforting about a delicious Pork Pie made with proper pastry, and we’re welcoming old and new customers looking for a trusted Pork Pie supplier. We’ve been baking Pork Pies at our BRC accredited factory in the West Midlands for over 40 years.

With the Christmas celebrations not so far away, we’re excited to share details on our wholesale Pork Pie range, and in particular, our speciality Pork Pie range which includes:

  • Turkey, Ham & Cranberry
  • Pork & Egg
  • Pork, Cheese & Pickle
  • Chicken & Ham
  • Plus lots of other Pork Pies in various sizes

Pork Pies are traditionally hand-raised, but we also have a range of machine-manufactured Pork Pies to meet different customers’ requirements. Our individual Buffet Pork Pies are picture-perfect and ideal for retail stores or food-to-go operators. The Pork Pies come in buffet, small, medium and large – a pie for every occasion.

So, how will you enjoy your Pork Pies? As a generous slice as part of a buffet? On the go as an indulgent snack or as a delicious ploughman’s with chutney and a wedge of cheese and celery. However you eat yours, we know you’ll be delighted.

Our Baker’s Range is more than just Pork Pies, we’ve also got Sausage Rolls, Slices and Scotch Eggs that are all baked at our manufacturing site in Willenhall.

Take a look here to read more about these products.

PS. Remember, Pork Pies are not only for Christmas, they’re for all year round!

Get in touch to find out more about how Midland Chilled Foods can become your supplier of brilliantly baked Pork Pies, crafted with care.

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